Marine Magnetics SeaSPY

The most reliable magnetometer you’ll ever meet. Unfailing data, durable hardware and an easy going disposition make SeaSPY a mag you can count on.

Edgetech SB-216

The 3100 is EdgeTech’s portable version of their highly successful sub-bottom profiler product line.

Innomar SES-2000 compact

It was designed for inshore surveys in shallow-water down to 400 metres water depth, but can also be used in coastal areas.

Teledyne TSS DMS-05

The DMS range of motion sensors is designed specifically for the motion measurement needs of the marine industry.

SeaBat T50-P Multibeam Sonar

Unprecedented clean and ultra high data quality for faster operational surveys and reduced processing time

C-Nav 2050

The C-Nav2050 is an “All-in-view” receiver with dual band GPS, two channels for SBAS and an L-Band demodulator for reception of C-Nav correction service.

Hemisphere VS 101

VS101 GPS Compass is a heading/positioning receiver of professional quality. Serving precise applications, it is suitable for navigation and machine control uses.