TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass

A gyrocompass designed with a wide range of interfaces for use on any marine vessel

  1. General Details

    The Meridian Surveyor boasts a wide range of interfaces to enable use on any marine vessel. The unit utilizes a DTG Gyro element which provides exceptional performance with accuracy unmatched by even the latest fibre optic designs. Unlike conventional spinning mass Gyrocompasses, the Meridian Surveyor used a dry tuned element (DTG) that removes the need for routine maintenance.

    The Meridian Surveyor provides reliable, maintenance free operation with a MTBF in excess of 30,000 hrs. The remarkable stable heading can be maintained for turn rates in excess of 200° per second making the system ideal for use on fast survey craft and in river/harbor environments.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Dynamic heading accuracy 0.2°
    • Static heading accuracy 0.05°
    • Standard and Surveyor options
    • IMO, HSC and Wheelmark certified
    • Fast initial settle time
    • Small, lightweight and versatile
    • Multiple analogue and digital outputs
    • MTBF >30,000 hours
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