Pacific Crest PDL High Power Base (HPB)

  1. General Details

    The PDL High Power Base (HPB) has a high output power of 35 W which makes it the most powerful radio of its type anywhere. With a fast over-the-air data rate, the PDL HPB also offers reduced latency for improved GPS positioning.


    Fast Over-the-Air Data Rate – 19,200 bits per second

    • Reduced latency provides better GPS position information
    • Lower power consumption allows longer field operation
    • Greater throughput handles both GPS and GLONASS

    Enhanced User Interface – Channel display and buttons

    • View and change radio channel
    • Monitor charge status and other parameters

    Intelligent Protocols – Forward Error Correction (FEC), AutoBase™ and AutoRover™ technology1

    • FEC provides improved noise immunity and range
    • Base automatically selects channel with AutoBase
    • Rover automatically locks to base with AutoRover

    Rugged Construction – Designed specifically for GPS RTK fie ld surveying

    • Double shock mounted electronics improve reliability
    • Water tight operation stands up to bad weather conditions
    • Built-in mounts simplify tripod and range pole mounting

    Backward Compatible – Interoperable with RDDR, RFM and Trimble® products

    • Benefit by the latest technology with your existing equip ment
    • Facilitates GPS equipment mix and match
    • Provides upgrade path for existing installations
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