Dual Head R2Sonic 2020

Dual Head Sonic 2020 is the most compact, lightweight and productive low cost true beamforming wideband shallow water multibeam echo sounder.

  1. General Details

    Dual Head Sonic 2020 is the most compact, lightweight and productive low cost true beamforming wideband shallow water multibeam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.

    • Ultra Compact & Low Cost
    • Weighs only 9kg (air), 3kg (water)
    • Selectable Frequencies 200-400kHz
    • Swath Coverage to 12x Water Depth
    • Amplitude & Phase Bottom Detection
    • Equiangular or Equidistant beams
    • Pitch & Roll Stabilization
    • Includes Snippets, TruePix & Water Column

    Dual Head Sonic 2020 provides over 20x selectable operating frequencies from within the 200 to 400 kHz band, with flexibility to optimize to environmental conditions and controlling interference from other active acoustic systems.

    In addition to selectable operating frequencies, Dual Head Sonic 2020 provides variable swath coverages from 10° to 130° (per head) as well as ability to rotate the swath either port or starboard side electronically in real-time. With the combined flexibility, up to12x water depth coverage or more is obtainable with the Sonic 2020 in shallow water, depending upon degree of fixed head tilt, selected beam overlap and environmental conditions.

    Optional high performance, low cost integrated inertial navigation system (I2NS) , integrated real-time sound velocity sensor is offered to simplify installation and calibration, making the Dual Head Sonic 2020 a perfect asset for highly productive surveys on vessels of opportunity, small survey launches and ASVs.

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